Otterhead Lakes


River Otter

Walk Details

Distance: 1 1/4 miles, with opportunity to extend to 2 1/4 miles – see Neroche Walk 4

Terrain: Mainly flat with gentle slopes. Some uneven, rocky ground.

Grid reference: ST 224 141

This is a lovely walk for families (even my two teenagers enjoyed it) around the remaining two of what was originally a series of five lakes on the Otterhead Estate, with the option of extending the walk for a further mile around the hamlet of Otterford which includes some bronze age burial mounds. Had I been on my own, I would have plumped for the longer walk.

The snowdrops were just going over when we visited, but you didn’t have to wander far into the woods to see them.

The walk starts from the car park down some really steep steps, but you can avoid these by walking onto the road instead. You pass the remains/ruins of the walled garden  on your way down to the lake – I would love to see this restored.


Once you are at the level of the lake, you join the circular lake walk. It was so peaceful when we were there and we were lucky enough to spot a dipper flying along the river and bobbing in and out of the water.


Bridge at the end of House Lake

Once you wend your way along the shady riverside, which can get quite muddy, you emerge at Royston Lake before heading uphill and then along a forest track back towards House Lake.


There is a picnic spot at House Lake, and it offers a fantastic view across the lake. While we were there, I spotted a heron, which you can just make out in the distance in this photo!


House Lake (the heron is on the centre right bank)

For the main walk around Otterhead Lakes, Taunton Deane Borough Council have produced this informative nature trail information sheet.


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