Wellington Monument -a quick and dirty walk

2016-06-19 11.01.33

Walk Details


Terrain: a flat section to the monument then a steep descent with steps and ascent as you loop around the promontory. Some of the latter section of path is covered in prominent tree roots.

Location: large car park ST143 167

This is a great local all-seasons walk for me which offers views across Wellington from the top of the Blackdowns. It is a real shame that Wellington monument is fenced off to the public – I remember a time when it was possible to walk up inside it.

The land and monument is now managed by the National Trust who have recently undertaken a lot of work to remove some of the woodland surrounding the monument so that you can access the views which have been hidden for the past 30-40 years.

2016-06-19 11.01.47

Although it is only a short walk, it is a pretty popular place with lots of dog walkers and families out for a stroll, and there is plenty of space to sit and have a picnic and fly a kite!

Watch out for the giant hemlock in the Summer which grows along the avenue between the car park and monument.

Full details of the National Trust walk can be found here.

NOTE: Apologies for the bad photos – my phone camera seems to have died!



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