Ash Common Circular Walk

Walk Details

Distance: 8km

Terrain: Combination of Tarmac roads, rough lanes and fields. Long trousers are essential to combat the stinging nettles!

Walk Guide: we followed this circular walk guide.

A promising 5 mile walk on the foothills of the Brendon Hills which begins at Ash Common, a pretty section of common land. The route started off on country roads then branched off into much rougher and steeper lanes then through fields and bridle ways.

2016-07-23 11.19.56-1

The walk started to decline about halfway round, when we had to walk through a field with three ponies in it who were all blinkered. I am not usually frightened by horses, but these seemed quite skittish and unpredictable and followed us right across the field at speed, not helped by a duck deciding this was the best moment to suddenly ascend into flight.

2016-07-23 11.25.08

So, it was with some relief that we went through a section of woodland and left the horses behind. However, the footpath which led back to the farm was severely overgrown with stinging nettles, and although we soldiered most of the way through, we were unable to make the last section where the nettles were at least knee high, so were forced to turn round with our battle scarred legs.

Unwilling to head back through the horse field, we walked along what was initially marked a public bridleway before being told we were trespassing by the landowner in a field which actually contained some llamas. I think we were, albeit unintentionally, although my profuse apologies seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Soon back on another bridleway, although not the one we were looking for, we made it through to the village of Ash Priors, and a short walk back to the car.

And just in case our walk wasn’t bad enough, I found a tick in my sock when I got home! So, lesson learned – long trousers, insect repellent and an OS map next time I venture out!!


One thought on “Ash Common Circular Walk

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    The photos look idyllic, but it sounds like it was actually hard work. There comes a point in the summer when nettles can become a real menace, and I think exercising caution around horses and angry land-owners is always sensible.


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