Wellington to Westford

Walk Details (updated August 2017)

Distance: 8.4km

Terrain: Fairly level

Walk Guide: We used this circular walk guide by TDBC. This walk also encompasses the Wellington Basins Heritage Trail.

Facilities: There is free parking at Wellington Sports Centre, Corams Lane, Wellington

I convinced my son Fred that he would catch some Pokemon if he accompanied me on this walk from my home town. The walk starts at the Basins which is a fairly scruffy area of ponds and streams which were once used to supply the Fox Brothers woollen mill in Wellington. This area is now quite heavily used by people walking to the neighbouring village of Rockwell Green.

2016-07-30 13.00.52

The streams are choked with Himalayan Balsam, which I have read is a bit of a scourge, albeit a pretty one!

The route continues, somewhat dangerously, over the mainline railway (there are signals) and on into Lower Westford. From here you follow the waterway through to Westford. Even though the water level was quite low, there were plenty of quite sizeable fish and we saw a dipper.


When we reached Prowse’s Mill, the path took us briefly into a field of bullocks. At which point Fred refused to go any further. To be fair, I am not a big fan of walking through fields with livestock and a previous experience with bullocks taught me that they can be quite persistently curious. So, our circular walk turned linear.

2016-07-30 13.39.08

To make up for our curtailed walk, we had a little diversion into Westford Community Woodland, a pretty little wild space. I would have liked to see if I could spot some wildlife but it was a hot day and Fred had had enough.


As much as I love going somewhere further afield for a walk, there is something to be said about exploring your local area on foot.

Update August 2017: By a curious twist of fate, I found myself walking this circular with the Somerset Young Walkers almost exactly a year later. The walk continues through a pretty village called Holywell Lake (and where the pub is shut on a Sunday!) and continues through some fields with some rather well endowed rams. It then skirts part of a disused site of the Grand Western Canal before headin cross-country back to the railway line and the basins.

Plots of opportunities to pick some ripening blackberries en route, and some of the walking group even tasted some wild plums. We all passed on the puffball mushrooms though!


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