France 2016


It seems so long ago now, but this summer, we spent a fantastic week in a gite in Poitou Charentes, not far south from Poitiers. They may be ubiquitous, but I just love seeing the fields of sunflowers in this area of France.



La Rochelle

La Rochelle was just over an hour away for us – a great place to visit, although it is always so damned hot when we go! It was nice to take a refreshing trip out to sea with one of the many boat companies, especially as on our last visit, we didn’t actually make it out of the harbour!

We enjoyed a lovely morning messing about on the river with an electric boat at Angouleme, and I spent quite a long time trying to photograph, but failing to, these fascinating black winged dragonflies with electric blue on them – I would love to know what they were.


We went on a few local walks near the gite, managing to almost get lost each time (I am sure my sense of direction breaks down on holiday)! This local tumulus was a really interesting place to explore.


The gite was an absolute gem of a place, with a large garden in which I watched a hoopoe for about 45 minutes one morning. There were also apparently red squirrels and plenty of bats around the property but I didn’t spot any of those.



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