Walking the West Deane Way: Langford Budville to (almost) Cothay Manor

2017-04-29 14.11.33-1

Walk Details

Walk Distance: Approx. 2 miles

Terrain: Combination of footpath, country road and field.

Amenities: Parking on the roadside in Langford Budville. The village pub, The Martlett Inn, has a good reputation for food, as does Scarlett’s Garden which is only open during the Summer season.

This part of the West Deane Way is much more picturesque than the other parts I have walked so far, but there were unfortunately a lot of livestock too.

2017-04-29 15.57.45

After a short walk on the main road heading out of Langford Budville, you turn right up what is ostensibly someone’s private drive before taking the narrow, overgrown footpath skirting the owner’s garden to the left. Crossing the field at the top, you reach the B3227 which you cross and follow left a short way before going off road, again down someone’s drive!

The next stretch is through pleasant woodland, which I believe belongs to the Somerset Wildlife Trust. And then we arrived at a field of horses. As mentioned previously, I am not a big fan of walking where there is livestock, but actually, these horses were good natured and not interested in us at all (phew)!

2017-04-29 14.27.16

The West Deane Way then ploughs downwards through three gloriously buttercupped fields of sheep! Departing the field at the road which is pretty much in the middle of no-where, we encountered a wild looking man on a mobility scooter with no idea of where he had come from or where on earth he might be heading!

2017-04-29 14.39.02-1

We crossed the River Tone on a footbridge, and followed it a little way adjacent to a pretty meadow.

2017-04-29 14.51.26-12017-04-29 14.51.19

And then, we might have got a little confused with the navigation which seemed to divert us around a large field, only to end up back where we started. However, the silver lining was that we got to glimpse the most glorious bluebell wood!

2017-04-29 15.04.56-1

There was a large area like this, which I presume is a badgers sett. We continued walking through a little glade, dipped between two fields, and crossed another country lane before being thwarted by a field of cows. I just don’t like them and that was the end of the walk for me! I don’t think we can have been all that far from Cothay Manor either!

2017-04-29 16.51.55



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