Hilton Falls, Halton


Walk Details

Distance: Approx. 5km

Terrain: Woodland paths – some steep

Price: $6.75 adult, $5.00 child – I now realise we are spoilt in the UK with not having to pay to access our natural habitat!

Amenities: Visitor centre at the main car park and natural toilets en route!

I loved this family walk to Hilton Falls when I stayed with my sister in Canada a couple of months ago. The boys went ahead on mountain bikes and we sauntered off with a rendezvous point at the campfire by the falls. We had Mel’s little King Charles Spaniel trotting along with us.

From the car park, we took the Hilton Falls Trail initially upward to the falls. It is so lovely to see some different flora and fauna – these chipmunks are quite a common sight but are so sweet! I thought that the flower (above) was a hellebore, but it is a May Apple.


There had been a fair amount of rainfall in Ontario just before we visited, so the falls themselves had more water than usual. At Hilton Falls you can also see the mill ruins – what was once an old saw mill which used the water to power the mill.


Fred wasn’t impressed with his marshmallow!

Apart from the falls, the other main attraction (certainly for the boys) was the campfire that is maintained by the conservation staff. Mel supplied some marshmallows and the children ran off to find appropriate sticks.




Once sugar fuelled, we set off back to the car taking the Red Oak Trail around the reservoir. Actually the reservoir was the least picturesque part of the walk.


There were lots of these bright Columbines at Hilton Falls.


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