Nynehead Circular

Walk Distance: 5.35 km

Terrain: Road, uneven path, muddy tracks and fields

This is one of my regular walks which I don’t have to get in the car for. I am gearing up to do the Walk 1,000 mile Challenge for 2018, so have been trying to get out (in this limited light) as often as I can. Anyone else doing this?

2017-11-12 13.32.20 HDR

The walk starts for me on the outskirts of Wellington near Cadeside Caravan Park and follows the country road in the direction of Nynehead until you reach the crossing point for the West Deane Way. At Wharf Cottage, turn left onto the West Deane Way in the direction of Tonedale. This first section is quite interesting, in that you can see the remains of the Grand Western Canal and Nynehead Lock.

2017-11-12 13.34.51

This is the view towards Nynehead court from the top of the lock. The mainline railway runs alongside the West Deane way here for a while, so although it is generally quiet, trains do periodically puncture the silence. The path is wooded and pretty eroded with exposed roots ready to trip you at every turn.

Take the first turning on the right in the grassy area towards Nynehead itself. The path drops down into a dark and eerie cutting but then emerges into a field. Sometimes there are sheep grazing here.

2017-11-12 13.48.49

Head towards the bridge and cross it into an agricultural field. It is amazing how much this field changes over time (spring, summer, autumn):


2017-11-12 13.56.24

The path ends at Nynehead Court, through whose grounds you have to walk to the main road. Turn right out of the gates onto the road and right again at Island Cottage. The route then follows the road back to Wellington and your starting point.


3 thoughts on “Nynehead Circular

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Yes me! I’m out wandering at all hours in all weathers hoping to log 1000 miles, though I haven’t signed up to any website – there seem to be several. What is the benefit, if you don’t mind me asking?
    I love the seasonal photos of the field – and at the bottom, are those snowdrops? There looks to be loads! I have seen some flowering on a verge, and a few daffs, but it’s really much too early here yet.


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