Walk 1000 Miles: January 2018

I finished January having walked 61 miles. By my reckoning, I should be averaging 2.74 miles a day so am currently about 24 miles behind. But, I will not get despondent – it’s only January and longer days are ahead!

Views from the Bridgwater & Taunton canal (Bridgwater end)

I have done a fair amount of pavement pounding and what I would term “functional” walks, for example, walking to the shop rather than driving. I try to get out in my lunch break, but this doesn’t always happen. One of the walks I do over and again is what I call my Lunchtime Canal Circular which begins at Bridgwater docks, follows the canal as it loops around Bridgwater before cutting back to work.

Photo 06-01-2018, 14 47 06

From the Nynehead Circular I frequently do

I have increased my miles by parking on the outskirts and walking in to work and this is something that I will try to continue to do because it forces me to “get my walk in” whatever the weather!


The moon – my camera doesn’t justify how bright it was this week!

I have come to the conclusion though that I don’t even mind walking in the rain too much, as long as I have the right coat on!


2 thoughts on “Walk 1000 Miles: January 2018

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    The moon has been amazing hasn’t it? It has to get easier as the days get longer, I think we can count on that – that 24 miles will be easy to catch up in the middle of summer, when the weather is glorious. (No really, it will be, we must be due a decent summer?)


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